Oh Dear Lowered.  SEVEN SWORDS, the epic Tsui Hark movie that I've been going crazy waiting for, has finally released a trailer and it looks as good as I could hope.  There are a few instances of too-obvious undercranking and a moment where the wire-work looks less good than it should for such a major production, but overall, I'm given the full "WOW" awe factor.  Thank you KaijuShakedown [link] and [link].

Here's the Real trailer with english subs [link]
And here's a 4:50 WM trailer with no dialogue [link]
And here's WM Trailer 1 from the Official site [link]
And here's WM Trailer 2 from the Official site [link]
And here's the official site [link]

SEVEN SWORDS release date 7/29 (CHI)

According to CRI by way of KFCCinema [link], the official release date of Tsui Hark's movie SEVEN SWORDS is July 29th for China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.  It was earlier slated to open the Venice Film Festival which is Aug 31-Sept 10 [link], but if it opens wide a month before that, it's a bit less special.  Interesting, because it was still debatable that the post-production would be completed in time for Venice and that provisions were (apparently) being made to premier with Chen Kaige's THE PROMISE if SEVEN SWORDS wasn't ready.  Maybe they'll go with THE PROMISE now, regardless.

Anyway, all I can say is, "the sooner it releases, the sooner I'll get to see it (on DVD :P)"

SEVEN SWORDS pictures (HK)

Here are several pictures from SEVEN SWORDSfrom by way of KFCCinema Forums [link].  It looks awesome, so the production values on this are going to be phenomenal.  If the story, characters, and choreography measure up, then it could be as awesome as Donnie Yen has been saying.  I'm crossing my fingers.

SEVEN SWORDS Movie Comic book coming (CHI)

According to Kenji Kawai's BBS [link] via (the temporary site is up and fully running, it seems) [link], there's going to be a comic book adaptation of the Tsui Hark's new highly anticipated movie SEVEN SWORDS using various artists from Asia (natch).  This is interesting news just because I'm so excited anticipating SEVEN SWORDS.  Hopefully these will be very nice books with beautiful art and not like (say) the Star Wars comic books we had here in the US. 


Monkey Peaches has the SEVEN SWORDS one-sheet.  It's pretty cool as it shows the seven different swords used in the movie  [link].

SEVEN SWORDS may NOT open Venice Film Festival (CHI)

SEVEN SWORDS, still mired in post-production, may not be ready in time to open the Venice Film Festival.  If it is not ready then Chen Kaige's THE PROMISE may open the festival.

From [link].

SEVEN SWORDS II to begin production in 2005 (CHI)

Over at again.  We already knew that Tsui Hark planned to have either 6 or 7 movies.  To what extent "plan" means is anyone's guess, but it surely doesn't mean that he had a full script for all 7 movies in hand.  According to this short blurb at, he had the scripts for the sequels "in his head" as he was filming the first movie and that he hopes to begin production on the second film by the end of the year.  "Script in his head" means more that he had a outline/treatment defined in his head and that making a true script should still take some time.

According to See Nan Sun, Tsui Hark already had the script for the sequels right in his head before production of Seven Swords began. After completion of Seven Swords, they'd be planning the second movie, "If time permits, we hope to begin production by the end of the year, for the filming location could be affected greatly by the weather."

SEVEN SWORDS post-production info (CHI)

Browsing over at and they had a little blurb about the post-production of Tsui Hark's new epic SEVEN SWORDS. 

Apart from some special effects, the most important aspect of post-production for Seven Swords is digital transfer, part of the film needs frame-by-frame colour processing, which can take a minimum of ten weeks. This will help produce the best visuals, and is being handled by the special effects house from Lord of the Rings.

So this is interesting news as the image of LOTR films was absolutely beautiful and so we can look forward to the visual quality of the film to be excellent.  I'm glad to see that they are trying to do everything as perfectly as possible. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but it's really hard not to.


There's more SEVEN SWORDS info coming in daily and that's cool as I'm getting altogether too excited about it.  And the guys at are also, apparently, as they are way on top of things.  So, the latest news they have is: [link]

  • is now the official SEVEN SWORDS portal, so all official news, pics, vids, etc. will be distributed thru them.  So that is cool, but doesn't really help me out as is in chinese.  I'll just have to wait (still) for MonkeyPeaches or to translate it for me (as they always do) :)
  • SEVEN SAMURAI and Kurosawa in general had a significant impact on Tsui Hark's works.
  • He's talking about making SEVEN SWORDS a Hexology (6 movies) or even a SEPTOLOGY (7 movies).
  • Tsui Hark talks about the characters a bit.
  • Tsui Hark speaks about Leon Lai's seeming inappropriateness for the role
  • 15 min promo reel at Cannes
  • Full version expected for Venice Aug 31 - Sept 10.  Nice excuse to go visit Venice, right?

Check it out, it's good info.

SEVEN SWORDS : more videos (CHI)

Over at the forums at, they are posted links to videos.  There are two new ones, one a streaming video that is kinda brutal to try to watch (b-b-b-buffering!) but the Shooting Diary is way cool and contains english subs (nice for a change!).

And an additional note: "And it seems that Seven Swords wasn't shown in its entirety at Cannes as it's not fully complete" (  Whether this was the initially rumored Promo Reel or whether it's just a not-finalized rough cut remains to be seen.  So it'll be interesting to see what comes out in the next few days about it.  I'm getting ever more excited (although I should've learned my lesson with UNLEASHED...)

Here are the two forums links (you may need to be a member): [link:BTS] [link:Shooting Diary]

And here are the direct links: BTS : Shooting Diary

SEVEN SWORDS 6:31min video footage available (HK)

Over at, they have a link to sina's video footage of the SEVEN SWORDS wrap party.  There's mostly interview footage, which is not so insightful for those of us not speaking Mandarin (or Cantonese?)  but there is some footage shown of the movie itself.  It's not as good as having a trailer, but it's something.

Here's the link.  To view the video, you need to register.

SEVEN SWORDS posters redux (HK) has pictures of the Seven Swords posters that were shown during the wrap party; they picked out the ones that were just the Character posters.  It has some nice close ups and they look really cool.

Here's one:  (go to to see the rest).


Wu-Jing is on top of this and brings us more new info from the set of SEVEN SWORDS OF MT TIAN.  Note that this is in reference to the tv series and not the movie as the movie is called simply SEVEN SWORDS.

"A pity you were a day late. I have never witnessed such an exciting and intricate swordplay in all my years of filmmaking," director Clarence Fok told the reporters who were visiting the set as additional shoot was being carried out in Daxing. "Yesterday, we did a major battle between Fu Qing Zhu and Manchu officer Niu Gu Lu. Both two actors Yu Cheng Hui and Sun Jian Kui are masters of sword, the two fought from 8pm yesterday to 3 am, breaking 15 prop swords in between."

Check out the whole story at

SEVEN SWORDS OF MT TIAN TV Teaser translation (LINK) (HK) has a posting in their forum that has the english translation of the voice over done for the teaser.  Check it out that way at least you know what's (sort of) going on.


Checking out twitch ( and i found a link to some SEVEN SWORDS pix.  Sorry, not on the set pix, but of the cast at a news conference or a wrap party of sorts.  Some photos of promo posters, though.  Kinda cool.  Still waiting for word on the promo screening at Cannes, though.


Thanx to browsing the news at, I found that SEVEN SWORDS OF MT TIAN the TV Series now has a 1:36 trailer available.  Here's the direct link. It looks pretty amazing, especially considering that it is a tv series.  Of course, not understanding Cantonese/Mandarin at all, I'd be hard pressed to make much sense of things.


According to, there's a 16 second clip of the tv series available on .  I did manage to find this, though, which looks to be an official SEVEN SWORDS OF MT TIAN (TV) site.  Lots of links and pictures there. 

SEVEN SWORDS: Promo reel only at Cannes has info that only a Promo Reel will be shown at Cannes (and not the entire movie).  I wonder why?  Is this good news or bad news?  In the US, studios don't have pre-screenings of a movie if it is bad.  I really hope this isn't the case.

SEVEN SWORDS Angie Lam Interview (LINK) (HK) just has a ton of article all over the place and here's another good one, especially for those of you that are dying for more SEVEN SWORDS info.  It's an interview with Angie Lam, who is the editor of SEVEN SWORDS (and KUNG FU HUSTLE) from Jan this year.

Here are a couple of snippets:

Tsui Hark once declared his desire to use The Seven Swords as his vehicle to reinvent the wuxia genre, to produce something completely fresh, and to return to the roots by discarding special effects. Currently, only a minority has seen the sample clips, and Angie Lam is one of them. She says that she could not to reveal anything at this moment, but says that she felt extremely delighted and surprised.


The Seven Swords is the most mammoth task she has ever encountered in her career as an editor, for there are far too many characters in the movie. As The Seven Swords relates to seven principal characters, how to handle the editing well, such that the audience could clearly tell the traits of one character apart from another.

Yes, this confirms what I had sort of thought regarding the scope and size.  I'm hoping that the first one actually makes sense.  I wondered, since this is potentially a 6-movie series, whether each Character/Sword would get primary focus in one of the movies (with one being neglected or blended).

Still, handled well, it could be as great as I'm hoping!

SEVEN SWORDS Official Poster (HK)

I've been looking around for an official poster and I finally found one on  Btw, they have a nice archived forum discussion of it, so if you'd like to catch up on some of the news/rumblings of it, go here: [Feb-Present] [Prior]

here's the poster:


From, there's a nice newsbit about Tsui Hark's tv series SEVEN SWORDS OF MT TIAN:

Director Clarence Fok explains that they have already finished editing, with a total of 38 episodes being put together in the final cut. However, after going through it, Tsui Hark thought that the villain characters were neglected, so he hold a meeting with Clarence Fok, martial arts director Yuen Bun, producer Wang Yong, etc, through which they agreed on doing additional shoot.

So the tv series is done?  Wow.  I was under the impression that it was just in-production.  So this means that the tv series is probably going to be coming out soon.  With the movie showing at Cannes, I wonder if the tv series will show before the movie to try to hype it up or afterwards to play off the [hopefully] success.

SEVEN SWORDS Tsui Hark Interview (HK) has lots of info on Tsui Hark's upcoming epic series of movies SEVEN SWORDS.  Here's a really cool interview with Tsui Hark about the concept of the films and the characters within.

Here's a nice excerpt (re: the SEVEN SWORDS):
Gallivanting Dragon is the strongest. However, this is also its fatal weakness, for the person who uses this sword tends to get carried away. Green Dehydration, though coarse in nature and less glamorous, is the only sword that could counter it. Never Enquiring is the spiritual leader, it's the longest, and shows the attitude of Fu Qing Zhu: Never probes the past but seeks to live without regrets. Star-Rivalry are short, twin swords, with a ball-bearing at the end of the hilt, both the blade and the ball-bearing may be used for offense. There are no set techniques or forms when wielding Heavenly Cascade, rather one fights according to one's will. God Relinquishing is serrated, heavy and powerful. Sun and Moon, being mother-child swords, show how the mother and child are connected by their hearts, and also bear the most complex permutations.

SEVEN SWORDS TV SERIES info (HK) has some info about Tsui Hark's SEVEN SWORDS TV SERIES.  Would hope that this comes out in the US sometime (*sigh* yeah, right)

Here's the plot synopsis from the page:

AD 1664, the Manchurians defeated the Ming Empire and successfully captured Central Plains. To exert its influence and ensure trouble-free reign, the Manchu government went all out to arrest the pugilists. To save Central Plains, a recluse at Mt Tian, Dhyana Master Reverend Hui Ming (Master Shadow Glow), ordered Seven  Swordmasters to descend Mt Tian.
    However, after leaving Mt Tian, circumstances dictated that the Seven Swordmasters were to go their separate ways. So, they arranged to meet each other by Qiantang River one year later.
    During a battle, Yang Yun Cong was seriously wounded. He was saved by an enemy general's daughter Nalan Ming Hui. The two fell in love and gave birth to a daughter. However, Nalan Ming Hui was compelled by her father to marry Prince Duo Duo. Yang Yun Cong asked Nalan Ming Hui to leave with him, but, as the safety of her family was at stake, she declined. Yang Yun Cong natched away their daughter and went to Qiantang River in response to prior appointment with six other Mt Tian disciples. However, only Mu Lang showed up.
    Before his death, Yang Yun Cong entrusted Mu Lang with the care of her daughter, and told him bring her to Mt Tian to study martial arts...
    Eighteen years later, Ling Mo Feng (Mu Lang) successfully inherited all the skills of Reverend Ming Hui. Yi Lan Zhu, the baby girl of yesteryear, had also mastered Mt Tian Swordplay. She vowed to avenge the death of her father. The remaining Swordmasters became the leaders of Heaven and Earth Society. On learning that Emperor Kangxi would be going to Mt Wutai to pay his homage, they meticulously plotted to assassinate him.


News of SEVEN SWORDS is just making me giddy, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high.  Still, early word is that it is going to be an epic, wu xia movie equivalent to LORD OF THE RINGS.  Wow.

Found this link from October 2004.:

Tsui Hark says he intends to make The Seven Swords China's answer to Lord of the Rings trilogy. He says because of the sheer scope of the novel, a total of six movies will be made, "In Liang Yusheng's original novel, many people die at the very beginning, such as Yang Yun Cong. The development of the story, of The Seven Swords are thus incomplete. So, I thought, firstly, I had to define the skeleton of the characters very clearly, in order to allow ample room for the story. We discussed which are The Seven Swords, and then went on to provide the detailed backgrounds on the swordmasters of each of the swords, making changes to many important characters, especially Chu Zhao Nan which was given a new lease of life, as well as Mu Lang (Ling Mo Feng) which was given a complete facelift (when in their younger days). Mu Lang was not given a clear background in the novel, about his apprenticeship days in Mt Tian, so I incorporated all these into the adaptation. Subsequently, I found the the content was too big and could not be fit within one single movie, so I intend to do a hexalogy, with each having a specific theme. The first is mainly about Wind-Fire wanting to destroy Wu Manor and The Seven Swords coming to its rescue. Basically, the movie hexalogy can be classified into two segments, the first is about how The Seven Swords are formed, while the second on how The Seven Swords continue to propagate."

They also have a description of each of the characters.

Gordon Liu is kinda funny. 

Liu Chia Liang initially refused to work with Tsui Hark because "he was too fanciful in action, but I am on the authentic side, thus, we do not click." But eventually, touched by Tsui Hark's sincerity, and being intrigued by the script, of the premise "Sword and (Wo)Man as One", of how the person's personality is shown through their swordplay, of the challenges ahead, and coupled with persuasion from Ti Lung, he relented and agreed, "I have been making films more than fifty years, and should have retired already. However, Tsui Hark insisted that he must collaborate with me once. And, honestly speaking, I myself also wish to try out this type of fighting."


But it's very big headache to choreograph all the moves for the seven swordmasters, for they all use different styles. "Fortunately, suppose I, Donnie Yen and Xiong Xin Xin come up with two forms each, and with one more form from Tsui Hark, that would make seven." He says Tsui Hark's films are very beautiful, romantic while his are 'hard'. He says this movie is definitely well worth anticipating. Liu Chia Liang, who is already 68 years old, says that he'll be retiring after The Seven Swords wraps up. He says he's never seen Zhang Yimou's Hero and House of Flying Daggers and won't bother watching them either, "They're all the same." He has only watched some Tsui Hark's movies like Once Upon A time In China which he remarks as being not bad.

Here's a Donnie Yen Interview where he talks about SEVEN SWORDS.

SEVEN SWORDS Donnie Yen info (old) (HK)

From , there's info about the new Tsui Hark movie SEVEN SWORDS.  The news is a bit old, but I haven't seen it before.  Most notably : Gordon Liu (the Master Killer) will play a bad guy; Leon Lai, Charlie Yeung Choi-nei (New Police Story), Mainland Chinese actresses Zhang Jing-ru and Wang Li-kun, and Mainland actors Sun Honglei (The Road Home) and Lu Yi are in it.

Lau Kar Leung will do the choreography.

This will be a 6-Movie series and also will be a television series

TV Series budget is $10M and the first movie budget is $12M.

The movie series is called Seven Swords of Mt. Tien and the first movie is called Seven Swordsmen.

Here's the official site, but the still don't have an English component! 

And here are some pics from the official site:


Tsui Hark's new fantasy epic SEVEN SWORDS (HK)

Seven_swordsI wander across quite often (one of my faves for HK movie news) and there's a website for Tsui Hark's newest offering SEVEN SWORDS, unfortunately, the ENGLISH option (link) is ghosted!  oh well.  At one time, I thought there was a trailer for it in there, but I can't seem to find it now.  Still, wandering around this site, it looks like it could be quite cool.  If it's as cool as ZU, then I'll be happy.  And there's a good chance that it will be a good show.  After all, Tsui Hark has given us such notable movies as : ZU WARRIORS, TIME AND TIDE, THE BLADE, and ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA and was producer for A BETTER TOMORROW, IRON MONKEY, and many others.

Here's MonkeyPeaches' SEVEN SWORDS info page.